Deanna Greenstein

Welcome to New Choose To Be Nice School Liaison!

Deanna Greenstein wasn’t surprised when students treated each other better after her children’s school brought in the Choose To Be Nice program, but she didn’t expect the impact that it would have outside of the school walls. The Brookfield Elementary School in Brockton, MA started with a rally to talk about how students have a choice […]

Raising Awareness to Reduce Bullying

I’ve been told that words shouldn’t matter, but they do. A simple complement can turn a bad day around. An expression of concern can penetrate a bad mood. A few words of praise and encouragement can inspire someone to set lofty goals. Unfortunately, negative words are just as powerful and sometimes more so. Insults can […]

Choose To Be Nice Moments in New York City

Can a t-shirt make a difference? Almost daily I wear a Choose To Be Nice t-shirt, sweatshirt or hat. It holds me to a higher standard of behavior, and I see that it makes people at least stop and think. It was hot and I was famished in New York city last weekend. I popped into […]


Thank You Konenkii

I love to tell our story, but I love it even more when someone else tells it because that’s when I know we’re making an impact. I’m thrilled that we were highlighted by Konenkii, a gift box company run by two powerhouse ladies. They put together special seasonal boxes filled with great products. I met […]

Make a Difference as a Choose To Be Nice Ambassador

I love when people get excited about Choose To Be Nice and want to get involved with what we’re doing to make a difference. We wanted to create a way for them to do that. And, we wanted to make it easy and fun. So we’ve launched a new Ambassador Program and I couldn’t be […]

CTBN Fundraiser Helps “A Bed for Every Child Initiative”

You can Choose To Be Nice in all sorts of ways. People Choose To Be Nice in many different languages, using different actions, exploring different feelings and emotions. Choosing To Be Nice can even come in different shapes and sizes, too. Last week, one of those many shapes and sizes came in the form of a bed. A Bed for […]

Post GMA Cloud 9

As the Choose To Be Nice Founder and Chief Distributor, I’ve seen stacks upon stacks of our sweatshirts and t-shirts, but it was still extra special to see them highlighted on national television last week. There they were in all their colorful glory at the end of the table on Good Morning America’s Deals and […]

Introducing Our First Ambassador, Nicolette Peloquin!

We have many ways that you can get involved with Choose To Be Nice. In fact, we have a whole list of ideas right HERE. In addition to the ways listed on our site, we’re pleased to announce the launch of our ambassador program to kick off 2016. We are so excited for this program […]

Choose To Be Nice Featured on National Television

I am so thrilled to tell you that Choose To Be Nice was just featured on Good Morning America’s Deals and Steals segment.  Did you catch it? Check it out HERE! As the name implies viewers get access to amazing deals on cool products.  We are offering 50% off of our awesome Choose To Be […]