Welcome Charlton Elementary School

I am thrilled to welcome the students, faculty and staff of Charlton Elementary School in Charlton, MA to the Choose To Be Nice family. I recently had the pleasure of attending their Choose To Be Nice kick-off assembly and was so excited to see so many smiles and happy faces. The students even sang a special Choose To Be Nice song that they wrote.

Principal Lori Pacheco explained her reasoning for adopting the Choose To Be Nice program.

“Each year I pick a theme for the school. The theme is usually picked by a quote found that teaches a special message. This year’s theme of Choose To Be Nice is one I am finding easy to expand and incorporate into the daily life of the school. Not only can I continue this theme year after year, but my colleague at the school that follows mine is also going to incorporate the theme into her school, so our students will get a second dose as they move on to grade two. I hope all seven district schools adopt it!”

blogger-image--1353533035Principal Pacheco has found many ways to introduce this theme into her school. In addition to giving all teachers and staff their own Choose To Be Nice t-shirt, having all students sign the Choose To Be Nice promise banner and giving them each a “I made the Choose To Be Nice promise” wristband, she has introduced a coin system using Choose To Be Nice stickers.


Choose To Be Nice coins are given out to one class during each lunch. When a class earns five coins they are given to Principal Pacheco, who then does something nice for them. For example, she might read a special story to the class, distribute new pencils or approve extra recess.

The school has also implemented the 101 Ways to Choose To Be Nice Challenge. All teachers were given the list of 101 ways to Choose To Be Nice. When their class completes any item from the list, they write it down and send it off to Principal Pacheco. Every morning, she reads the completed deeds over the loudspeaker and the class receives a special star on the hallway bulletin board.


And, a Choose To Be Nice club has been started. The participating students meet twice a month and their sole purpose is to spread kindness throughout their school and community. At their first meeting they made Buckeyes and decorated bags for support staff. Each club member delivered the bags to support staff the following day.

IMG_2259I’m incredibly proud of these kids. How cute are they?!

Please join us in officially welcoming Charlton Elementary School. We are so happy to have you!

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  1. Diane January 15, 2016 at 11:42 am #

    Indeed, they are “oh so cute”. They are also wonderful members of our society “in training”. I’m proud of all of you and also of your principal…for all of her wisdom.

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