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Snowy Samaritans

Hello, snow! It’s been a long time coming, but Massachusetts finally had its first real dose of winter this week with the arrival of winter storm Juno. Not from the area? Here’s what you’ve missed…   Talk about a lot of snow! Mother nature sure was busy, but you should be, too! There are countless ways […]

Choose To Be Nice: A Good Call

I hate answering the phone. I’m serious. If given the choice of being in seclusion for a week or only being able to talk to people on the phone for a week, I’d take seclusion without hesitation. I’m not sure what it is about the sound of a ringing phone, but it gets to me. […]

Kickstart 2015: Choose To Be Nice!

It’s January which means it is resolution season. Perhaps you want to read more this year or maybe you want to travel the world. There’s always the quintessential “I just want to lose 3 pounds.” Or maybe you’ve gone a different route entirely. You could be done with resolutions! Down with resolutions! I never follow through […]