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Please, Watch What You Say

I find myself constantly watching and listening to the way people interact with each other. Call it a hazard of the job, if you will. What was said? How was it said? What was the response? The other day, I witnessed an interaction that upset me deeply. I really wanted to give this guy the […]

Welcome Eddy Elementary School!

Throughout the past year, we have been working with schools to spread the Choose To Be Nice message and to remind our children that they have a choice about how to “be” in the world! This month, Eddy Elementary of Brewster, MA, became an official Choose To Be Nice school. We welcome them with open […]

Guest Blog: You Matter Campaign

Kristy Nguyen is a community outreach associate for University of Southern California’s online masters of social work program. With a background in journalism, she hopes to use the media not only as a platform to report social news, but to also channel her voice in fighting for social justice and equality. She holds a passion […]

Join Choose To Be Nice in the 2015 Walk for Hunger

Happy Random Acts of Kindness Week!  As a movement dedicated to encouraging and inspiring kindness, we love this week! If you’re in need of an idea, you can check out our blog from last week or keep reading for an amazing new opportunity! As of February 7, Choose To Be Nice officially has a team of walkers for Project Bread’s […]

Preparing for Random Acts of Kindness Week

International Random Acts of Kindness Week is February 9-15. That’s less than a week away! The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation encourages people to step out of their “normal routine or comfort zone and attempt a new random act of kindness” every day between the 9th and the 15th. Sounds like a great excuse (as if […]