A Message From Our Founder – Dina Creiger

I came up with the idea of Choose To Be Nice one day in 2012 when I was thinking about how our world has become so wonderfully open and on the other hand so exposed because of among other things, social media. My son, like a lot of other early teens was involved with Facebook and other social media platforms. I worried about his safety and overall well-being as he and his peers became more involved with these social platforms.

At the same time the topic of bullying seemed to be at the forefront of everyone’s mind. It seemed like we were hearing daily news reports about another person struggling with bullying, sometimes with tragic consequences. I was the target of bullying when I was in elementary school and unfortunately the memory of being bullied never really went away. How could I remember so clearly the names of the boy and girl that bullied me in elementary school but I couldn’t remember the names of some of my teachers?

I was busy working full time in media sales and wasn’t quite sure when or how I would create Choose To Be Nice; until April 15, 2013. That was the day I turned on the car radio and heard reports of the tragic Boston Marathon bombings. It was this incident that propelled me forward and made me realize that the world needed Choose To Be Nice.

Choose To Be Nice is a way for me to express what I’m looking for in myself as well as in others. When I wear my Choose To Be Nice shirt, hat or hoodie I feel transformed in a way and as though I’m being held to a higher standard of behavior. I slow down and think more about my interactions with others and how I can make those interactions better, nicer and more meaningful. I want others all over the world to experience the same thing. Imagine a world where everyone slows down, pays more attention to their interactions with others and works to improve those interactions.

A nicer world is possible!

Please join me on this journey!