Lily B

Hi I’m Lily. I love Choose To Be Nice! My friends tell me I’m the nicest and my teachers tell me I’m the sweetest. At my camp we have camper of the week which is the nicest and most helpful girl at the camp. I have received camper of the week for the last two years. I love Choose To Be Nice and love making the world a better place. Choose To Be Nice is one of my favorite things and I would love to represent it. I can’t wait to represent Choose To Be Nice!

Abbie Keen

Hi my name is Abbie Keen! I’m a junior in high school. I love spreading joy and kindness to those in my community! I’m so excited to be apart of a campaign like CTBN! I believe that being nice is one of the greatest characteristics to have!

Hannah Lavon

Hannah Lavon, Choose To Be Nice Ambassador

Being nice is something very close to my heart. I grew up in a town in Long Island where you had to fit in or get eaten alive, so this was always a struggle. I was an athlete and photographer, and didn’t fit into a mold. I also had a stutter when I was younger and the other kids were not kind about it. That’s part of why being nice is so important to me—it’s easy to do and it really makes a big difference, especially in grade school. Sending out good vibes is one of the most accessible and important things you can do—it’s why I started Pals Socks and why I try to do little things that can make someone’s day easier and a little more pleasant. It’s the little things that count!

Beth Densmore

Beth Densmore, Choose To Be Nice Ambassador

Hi, I am Nana and Nanny for my 5-year-old great-granddaughter. I’m Nana all the time and Nanny while Mom works. We have a great time playing and learning together. I am excited to have a new way of teaching her how important it is to be kind as we bring the message to others as ambassadors for Choose To Be Nice.

Meredith Martin

Meredith Martin, Choose To Be Nice Ambassador

Hello World! My name is Meredith Martin and I am THRILLED to be an ambassador for the Choose To Be Nice organization. After talking with your founders at the Massachusetts Conference for Women this past December, I felt a true need to be a part of this team and group of individuals helping to spread the most powerful message of all-KINDNESS! I believe that if we all try to make each other smile and join this motion, the world will be a much happier and loving place. I promise to live out these words daily and do my best to invoke love and joy in others. Also, never forget that “Kindness is always fashionable” :)

Michelle Gallagher

Michelle Gallagher, Choose To Be Nice Ambassador

My name is Michelle and I am a veteran middle school teacher in a suburban school. The school is very diverse and consists of a large Brazilian population. I have been teaching here for 14 years and I teach 8th grade science. I also run a community service club called The Interact Club which is sponsored by the town Rotary Club. This allows me to get involved with service projects on a larger scale and expose my students to global service projects. Being part of Choose To Be Nice is another opportunity to allow my students to spread their knowledge of giving and caring throughout their community and throughout their school.

Laurissa Miller

Laurissa Miller, Choose To Be Nice Ambassador

My name is Laurissa and I am a cheerleader at my High School. I have been a cheerleader for 11 years now and absolutely love it! I am 15 years old and I am a very positive and encouraging person towards my community and my peers and I love making people smile! :)

Tia Dugas

Tia Dugas, Choose To Be Nice Ambassador

I am Tia, a junior in high school and live in Maplewood MN. I’m a cheerleader and when I’m not not at practices I like to make up dance routines with my little sister. I am also part of the Youth Leadership Council at my school and an AVID student. Starting soon I will be helping 3rd graders with their reading. I plan to help make a difference in peoples’ lives by having a positive impact through sports and academics.

Elisabeta Hampton

Elisabeta Hampton, Choose To Be Nice Ambassador

Hello, my name is Elisabeta Hampton and I am so excited to be part of this wonderful group. I live in San Diego with my husband and three pups and so love living here. I enjoy life and stay busy with kids, dogs, work, fitness, crafts, personal development, adventures and creating memories with family and friends. I believe that our purpose is to be there for each other and make others feel valued.

Denise Smith

Denise Smith, Choose To Be Nice Ambassador

My name is Denise and I am honored to be a Choose To Be Nice Ambassador! As a mother, grandmother, volunteer, mentor, tutor and avid walker, I have the opportunity to meet and greet a wide variety of people each and every day. I hope to lead by example and show the lifelong benefits for people of all ages, when we make a conscious effort and Choose To Be Nice.

Samantha Price

Samantha Price, Choose To Be Nice Ambassador

My name is Samantha Price and I am a freshman at Norton High School. I enjoy cheerleading, nannying, and making blessing bags for the homeless. This summer I spent my time volunteering at my step mom’s work (the animal shelter) and at Mathew’s mission, which is an organization that gives food, clothes, etc. to those in need. I believe we can make the world a kinder place with the CTBN message.

Erikka MacNeal

Erikka MacNeal, Choose To Be Nice Ambassador

My name is Erikka MacNeal. I have many special interests but none more important than my husband and 3 daughters. We are Michiganders currently living in the Newton area. We happened upon the Choose To Be Nice brand at a street fair a couple of years ago. I was instantly drawn to the brand. The active messaging was so simple and direct. But most importantly, NECESSARY! As a mom, my mantra is simply “Do unto others as you would have them do unto your children”. With that said, CTBN provides a perfect platform to give soft and meaningful reminders to our communities.

Peg Volak

Peg Volak, Choose To Be Nice Ambassador

Hello! My name is Peg Volak and I’m a second grade teacher from Pennsylvania. We use our best manners each day, so being nice is easy. I love when everyone is nice to each other! Our day goes much smoother when everyone has a smile on his or her face. Little random acts of kindness really do make a difference, so, take the time and Choose to be NICE. Together, we can make a difference!

Michelle Savino

Michelle Savino, Choose To Be Nice Ambassador

My name is Michelle Savino I am a divorced mother of three boys. I am a hairstylist and salon owner in Holliston, MA. My life experiences have brought out my firm belief in “everything happens for a reason.” Having three boys can be challenging at times. They can be mean to each other. I have preached to my boys “nice words or No words” since they were little and will continue for the rest of their lives. I live my life believing in doing nice things and being kind to people. I see that being kind makes people smile. I hope that when I make people happy by being kind that they will feel good and do the same for others.

Lydia Richmond

Lydia Richmond, Choose To Be Nice Ambassador

I’m a work-from-home high school English teacher and blogger. I’m married to a high school math teacher, and together we have four amazing kids. I joined Choose To Be Nice to help my family and others focus on the one thing that really makes sense: being nice to everyone.

Carly Siegel

Carly Siegel, Choose To Be Nice Ambassador

My name is Carly and I work as an engineer in the healthcare industry, specifically working on devices that help people in need of a better quality of life. I chose to become an ambassador to help ensure everyone has a chance at a better quality of life. I’m a nerd who was bullied in the past due to my nerdiness. But this world needs nerds like me to help create the future!

Rebecca Packard

Rebecca Packard, Choose To Be Nice Ambassador

Hello! My name is Rebecca Packard and I’m 33 years old.  I am so excited to be a part of this movement. I was an EMT for 15 years and am now an entrepreneur and stay-at-home mom of two little boys. Our family is focused on sharing happiness and kindness. Being a Choose To Be Nice Ambassador is right up our alley! I’m looking forward to this journey.

Heather Ellis

Heather Ellis, Choose To Be Nice Ambassador

I am a mom, wife, daughter, sister, aunt and physical therapist. Wearing all these hats, I touch the lives of so many in different ways. I promote health and wellness and firmly believe that this includes finding a strong network of supportive people. Every day I see the effects of simple acts of kindness on someone’s outlook on both day-to-day events as well as when faced with struggles. Everyone can benefit from more positivity and even the simplest act of being nice may turn someone’s whole day around. I am excited to join the Choose To Be Nice team so I can help spread such a powerful message.

Helen Jarrett

Helen Jarrett, Choose To Be Nice Ambassador

I am a Brit, raised between England and California. I was raised to live by the simplest golden rule of treating people how you would want to be treated. I have raised my own daughter with the same philosophy. I am also a substitute teacher for kindergarten through 12th grade and bring that same vibe into the classroom. Life can be tough and we all face challenges but the simplest act of kindness can be enough to turn someone’s day around and I love that. The world needs more nice people so I am very honored to be an ambassador in any way I can.

Sandi Holder

Sandi Holder, Choose To Be Nice Ambassador

I am pleased to be a part of a program that shares kindness in the world on a daily basis. Be it a smile, helping hand or random act of kindness I love sharing the Choose to be Nice message on all my social media platforms as well as people who might stop and ask what my Choose To Be Nice tee is all about.

Dana Rapp

Dana Rapp, Choose To Be Nice Ambassador

Hi, I’m Dana Rapp, and I’m 17 years old. I’m a senior in high school, and I plan to attend college next year for Pharmacy. I am a very bubbly, outgoing, and smiley person. My hobbies consist of modeling, dancing, color guard, and singing. I love helping others and making someone’s day great!

Laura Rusk

Laura Rusk, Choose To Be Nice Ambassador

My name is Laura Rusk. I’m a junior in high school and have always wanted to be a part of something like the CTBN Campaign. I enjoy theatre and law! I believe that being nice is the greatest legacy to leave behind.

Katie Robinson

Katie Robinson, Choose To Be Nice Ambassador

I’m excited to be a Choose To Be Nice ambassador. I’m a licensed social worker and I do my best daily to bring the ideals of choosing to be nice to everyone I meet. I started a Daily Nice board outside my office to feature one thing you can do each day to BE NICE! I encourage everyone to take the time to be nice, every day, in every way.

Anne Palmer

Anne Palmer, Choose To Be Nice Ambassador

I am a stay-at-home mom to a teenage son, in the hectic, fiercely competitive Silicon Valley. I also substitute teach. My hubby, son, and I all make a daily effort to CHOOSE to be nice. Working in public schools, whether as a volunteer or a teacher, I notice first-hand how people who experience kindness, or make a conscious effort to be nice, fair far better, each and every day. It really is a ripple effect. If we can spread and share the art of choosing to be nice, I really believe we will help create healthier and happier people, including ourselves, a healthier, stronger community, and a better world.

Angel Morgan

Angel Morgan, Choose To Be Nice Ambassador

Hi. My name is Angel. I’m a salon owner as well as a personal growth coach and mentor. I host and speak to women and teenage girls about issues they face in their daily lives such as self image, health/wellness and fitness, and personal growth through positive thinking and actions. My goal is to inspire and motivate women and teens to focus on being nice to themselves and others to make the world a happy place for all.

Lizzy Archer

Lizzy Archer, Choose To Be Nice Ambassador

My name is Lizzy and I currently live in Boston. I am finishing college while also working with homeless children. On my weekends and during the summer I spend a lot of time up in Gloucester at my mother’s house. Working with young children gives them the foundation to be successful in life, I also strongly believe that children need positive role models, and that is where Choose To Be Nice comes in, creating positive role models for young children.

Nicolette Peloquin

Nicolette Peloquin, Choose To Be Nice Ambassador

My name is Nicolette Peloquin, and I am a junior at Salve Regina University in Newport, RI. When I am not in class practicing with the cheerleading team or babysitting, you can find me running around Rhode Island performing as Belle or Anna for princess birthday parties. In my free time, I play with my kitty Nala Bubbles and prepare for upcoming pageants with my mom and dad.