Letter for Choose To Be Nice Schools

This is a letter we sent to our Choose To Be Nice Schools. We know everyone is facing extreme challenges with the coronavirus and need for social distancing. We want to encourage families as they navigate this uncharted landscape. We know you will come up with great ideas and ways to support each other. (more…)

Conflict Resolution in the Classroom

A group of children sits together coloring at a table. One child grabs a crayon that another was reaching for. Perhaps it was intentional, perhaps not. What determines the outcome is how the second child reacts. Does he yell at the first child? Complain to the teacher? Say something to the first child? Or just […]

10 Ways to Choose To Be Nice this Summer

All year long students have been learning about Choose To Be Nice in their schools. They’ve heard about the choice they have in how they react to others and they’ve been introduced to the nine values that help to create a lasting culture of kindness.  (more…)

Memorial School “Catches” Nice Students

Students at the Memorial School in Medfield are on the alert because they know that they could get called out for their behavior at any time. When they make a good choice or do something nice for someone, they may just get recognized for it. (more…)