Memorial School “Catches” Nice Students

Students at the Memorial School in Medfield are on the alert because they know that they could get called out for their behavior at any time. When they make a good choice or do something nice for someone, they may just get recognized for it. (more…)

CTBN Summer 2019 Location Challenge

Where will you choose to be nice this summer? Have you noticed that when you wear the gear people notice? It’s a great reminder of what a difference we can make when we’re respectful, kind and friendly wherever we are. Whether you’re on vacation or exploring your own backyard, we would love to see pics […]

Choose To Be Nice in Middle School

A friend recently called upset after discovering that her daughter had arranged an outing with her drama club and had actively excluded other students in the program. My friend was distraught that her child, the one she thought she had taught to be kind, could be so mean. (more…)

Featured School: Riverview Elementary School, Marion, IN

Riverview Elementary School is an urban school with 415 students in preschool through 4th grade. Principal Lendon Schwartz introduced the Choose To Be Nice SEL School Program as a way to focus on character traits. He led the way by making the Choose To Be Nice promise himself. Since implementing the curriculum and extra activities, […]

Loving Your Family with Kindness

Choosing To Be Nice at Home When we talk about being kind and doing acts of kindness, it’s often in the context of reaching out to strangers. But what about those with whom we are closest? (more…)

A Choose To Be Nice Treasure Hunt

  The Charlton Elementary School Choose To Be Nice Club has many creative events that show students how to be kind. The goal is to have fun while learning about kindness and putting those lessons into action.  One of those special activites was a  treasure hunt with stations where students had various activities related to […]

Maintaining Real-World Interactions in a Digital Age

A group of six tweens sits together in a restaurant. Every one of them is staring at a device in their hand that is their doorway into a vast, largely unregulated virtual world. There, they can check their social media feeds, shop, watch funny videos, review their homework assignments and engage and communicate with others […]