Featured School: Riverview Elementary School, Marion, IN

CTBN Featured SchoolRiverview Elementary School is an urban school with 415 students in preschool through 4th grade. Principal Lendon Schwartz introduced the Choose To Be Nice SEL School Program as a way to focus on character traits. He led the way by making the Choose To Be Nice promise himself. Since implementing the curriculum and extra activities, he said students have made a “giant change” in how they treat each other. They are more respectful and kinder, he explained.

But rather than just talking about the program, he wanted to let the students offer their perspective. In this video, the students talk about how Choose To Be Nice has changed the culture at their school.


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Here are some quotes from the video:

“I like how, in the Choose To Be Nice” every month we learn a different character trait on learning to Choose To Be Nice. Right now, we’re working on Choosing To Be Nice when no one is looking.”  -4th grader.

“And I like about the Choose To Be Nice that everybody feels good on the inside when somebody’s being nice to them.” -4th grader.

“I like the character mice because they teach us how to be nice.” -Two 1st graders.

“I promise to be nice.” -Kindergartener

“I like the Choose To Be Nice because I like it how students get to vote for the student they think would be best based on the character trait for student of the month.” -3rd grader.

“I like how I just got here and people are already treating me very nice.” -3rd grader.

“I like that since the Choose To Be Nice program we have something to work towards every day.” -4th grader.

“I like since the Choose To Be Nice challenge started we have less bullies and everybody was safe.” -4th grader.

“We promise to be nice.” –2nd graders.

“We Choose To Be Nice.” -1st graders.