Kickstart 2015: Choose To Be Nice!

It’s January which means it is resolution season. Perhaps you want to read more this year or maybe you want to travel the world. There’s always the quintessential “I just want to lose 3 pounds.” Or maybe you’ve gone a different route entirely. You could be done with resolutions!

Down with resolutions! I never follow through anyway so this year I’m boycotting!

Whatever your resolution may be (if you have one), we challenge you to make one more. Choose To Be Nice in 2015. You don’t have to make monumental changes. Lots of little changes in your day to day activities are enough. Here are 10 of our Choose To Be Nice suggestions from 2014 to help you out and give you some ideas for the new year ahead.

Happy resolution-ing!

Choose To Be Nice 2015click image to view larger

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