Letter for Choose To Be Nice Schools

This is a letter we sent to our Choose To Be Nice Schools. We know everyone is facing extreme challenges with the coronavirus and need for social distancing. We want to encourage families as they navigate this uncharted landscape. We know you will come up with great ideas and ways to support each other.

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I’m writing today to let you know that The Choose To Be Nice team and I are thinking of you and your entire school community. We are in strange and uncertain times right now and all of us are trying to manage our own and our kids’ anxieties as we navigate in very unfamiliar territory.

We have an opportunity to create new routines and new normals, even if temporary. We can help our children understand that they can play a role in creating and managing these new routines. At our house, we’ve created a detailed list of things we can do both alone and as a family that we’ve hung on the refrigerator for quick reference. We’ve also set up different “stations” around the house for work and school work, craft projects, puzzles and board games, reading and screen time.
Personally, I’m doing my very best to stay informed with reliable and trusted news sources and steer clear of online sites and pages that are filled with well intentioned but confusing information, suggestions and, in my opinion, anxiety provoking posts. After several days of reading my local town Facebook page and my son’s college parents’ Facebook page, my anxiety was through the roof. I was stress eating sleeves of saltine crackers and peanut butter by the spoonful directly out of the jar. (I did have the good sense to at least put my name on that jar with a sharpie so no one else in my family would touch my peanut butter….er, I mean, catch any possible germs). I’m no longer reading those posts!
We all are working to stay healthy and keep our families safe. Please let me know if I can answer any questions or be of any help.
Wishing you the very best and good health!