May Nice Person of the Month

On our website, you have the opportunity to nominate a nice person in your life. Every month, we pick one of the nominees to be our Nice Person of the Month. The winner and the individual who nominated him/her both win a free Choose To Be Nice t-shirt. This blog post highlights our May nominator and nominee.

Winner: Sandi

Nominator: Carie


Sandi lives in Holden, MA and is a full-time mom, to which any mom can attest, requires a lot of patience and a lot of kindness. She is the foster mother of a young woman (28) with CP and also has four grown daughters, one which has Down Syndrome.  In addition to her beautiful daughters, Sandi has the pleasure of being a grandma to four amazing granddaughters.

Sandi’s favorite thing about Choose To Be Nice is the fact that being nice is indeed a choice. She believes this is a very powerful statement, and we couldn’t agree more.  She also believes this message should be promoted in schools from preschool through high school using role play.

“Hard as being nice can be from time to time, demonstrating how being nice can change situations would be a valuable life skill and could create wonderful discussions at all ages.  We need more nice!”

We certainly agree, Sandi!

Here’s what Carie had to say about Sandi in her nomination:

“Sandi lives a modest life to say the least and yet she is someone who shares all that she has. She is a single mother of a young woman with Down Syndrome and years ago adopted another young woman with a severe physical disability because both of that woman’s parents had passed away, leaving her with no one to care for her. Sandi is generous with her time and service as well. She is always the first to volunteer to help with a project, cook for a party or organize a fundraiser.”

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