School Programs

We Believe:

We believe a better and nicer world is possible. Choose To Be Nice is committed to improving the way we interact with one another in our schools, on the playground, in the hallways and in the classrooms. Our SEL school programs focus on nine values that are reinforced throughout the school year. The positive effect of the CTBN school program extends from school to home and to the greater community as an impactful social movement.

We Offer:

The Choose To Be Nice School Program offers educators a turn-key SEL (social and emotional learning) program based on the nine values of respect, kindness, acceptance, teamwork, honesty, responsibility, friendship, patience and courage. Our curriculum and all supporting program elements are designed to define and develop these values in the students.

An Overview:

Our elementary and middle school programs include everything from an engaging, turn-key curriculum for each grade level to colorful displays and fun activities for the whole school. The following components are part of the program:

  • Welcome Guide: A detailed guide to help you launch the CTBN school program at your school
  • Quick Start Guide: A handy checklist for a quick launch
  • The Choose To Be Nice Curriculum: A comprehensive curriculum to teach students lifelong skills and aid them in decision-making and building social and emotional intelligence.
  • The Year-Long Nice School Calendar: A great reference for suggestions to keep Choose To Be Nice happening throughout the school year, along with fun events and activities from September through June.
  • Choose To Be Nice Promise Banner
  • Choose To Be Nice Promise Wristbands
  • A variety of Choose To Be Nice Posters for the whole school
  • The 101 Ways to Choose To Be Nice Challenge
  • Choose To Be Nice Club
  • Choose To Be Nice Fundraising
  • Choose To Be Nice Week
  • Choose To Be Nice Gear: Every school member receives a 20% DISCOUNT. Check out our great SHOP.