Nine Nice Mice Wristbands (Set of 10)




Reinforce kindness, respect, acceptance, friendship, honesty, responsibility, courage, teamwork and patience with this set of 10 adorable and colorful glow-in-the-dark wristbands featuring the Nine Nice Mice, their names and their respective character trait/value.

Each set of 10 wristbands includes one wristband for each mouse and a bonus wristband featuring the whole gang.  One size fits all (actual size 5/8” x 8.7”); adjustable Velcro closure; soft EcoFelt backing.

Felipe the Friendship Mouse

Pria the Patient Mouse

Riley the Responsible Mouse

Ryan the Respectful Mouse

Alex the Acceptance Mouse

Hannah the Honesty Mouse

Tyler the Teamwork Mouse

Kiera the Kindness Mouse

Cameron the Courageous Mouse

The Whole Gang

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Weight 2 oz