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Featured School :: Indian Trails Elementary School

If you were to walk into the Indian Trails Elementary School on any given morning, you would be enveloped into a community of kindness. The Daily Nice shines on smartboards in every classroom throughout the Kindergarten through 4th grade school as teachers hold their morning meetings. A staff created mural adorns the hallway, encouraging all […]


Featured School :: Heritage School

The dawn of social media has created a unique challenge with our youth. The anonymity of online interactions has made it far easier for kids to be cruel to each other without seeing the effects first hand. Seeing the developing issues stemming from cyber bullying amongst her fourth graders, Heritage School Principal Kathleen Pastore began […]

Featured School :: Orchard Elementary School

When Orchard Elementary School parent Melissa noticed adults in her Ridgewood, New Jersey community acting in unkind ways towards each other, she knew that something had to be done. She had spoken with her own three children about the need for kindness in our society, but dreamed of bringing the message to her community on […]

The Power of a T-Shirt: Choose To Be Nice

Our Founder, Dina Creiger, witnessed the power a Choose To Be Nice shirt can hold. Twice. Before 9AM. Imagine a Starbucks. A crowded, pre-9AM, midweek Starbucks. Guests are under-caffeinated and the baristas are under-staffed. Example 1:    I believe people are usually good… or at least they want to be good. Remember, there is usually a […]

Choose To Be Nice in Action

Most weekends, you can find Choose To Be Nice at a festival somewhere in New England. A few months ago, we attended the Chatham Arts & Crafts Festival. Like other events of this nature, we got there early, set up our tent, and waited for people to come by our table. For all intents and purposes, it […]