15 Simple Ways To Choose To Be Nice

Are you stuck trying to come up with something nice to do?  Here are 15 simple little ideas:

  1. Call a friend to ask about their day
  2. Send a “thinking of you” card in the mail to someone who might least expect to hear from you
  3. Take a walk with your spouse and play “remember when we…..?”
  4. Check on your neighbor to see if they need anything at the market as long as you’re going
  5. Print out a favorite picture of you and someone special, frame it and give it to them
  6. Drop a batch of cookies or bouquet of flowers off to the senior center in your community
  7. Refer a vendor who did an outstanding job for you
  8. Tell your child that you love him or her and repeat it 5 more times
  9. Recognize and acknowledge an employee
  10. Offer words of encouragement to someone who’s feeling blue
  11. Make eye contact with a stranger, smile warmly and say hello
  12. Surprise someone with a yummy recipe
  13. Ask if you can help
  14. Look in the mirror and remind yourself that you’re doing the best you can
  15. Make your next hug a little tighter and a little longer

What other ideas do you have?

Choose to Be Nice


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