The Charlton CTBN Club In Action

Charlton Elementary is well on its way to Choose To Be Nice on a daily basis.  The newly formed Choose To Be Nice Club with its 14 first grade members recently visited a local senior community home to play games with the residents.


“Both the adults and children had a blast,” said Principal Lori Pacheco.  “They had snacks prepared for us and we brought cupcakes for them.  We also made them a craft and sang them a song.”


The Choose To Be Nice Club’s next mission is walking to their police station and bringing cards that the first graders made.  Principal Pacheco went into each class and read the children’s book “Officer Buckle and Gloria.” Then the students made the cards.

Principal Pacheco will be contacting the police station ahead of their visit to request a little tour. How awesome would that be for the kids?

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