There’s No Horsing Around When It Comes to Kindness

During the first week of our Summer Samaritans campaign, we had the honor of being introduced to Molly Novicki.

Molly hails from Wyoming, Pennsylvania, and with her husband, she runs a business that instantly caught our attention, Epona Equine Education.

11774685_10204672828321161_997103444_nBack in 2012, Molly and her husband began this business in an effort to create safe and family-friendly horse experiences. From this initial idea grew a commitment to providing both riding and horsemanship experiences to children and adults with exceptional needs and capabilities.


They do not claim to be a therapeutic riding center, however. Rather, they choose to figure out a way to teach all individuals, no matter their ability or exceptionality.

“We are not making demands or trying to force change, rather we are providing an opportunity to get lost in the animal human connection, to unite with the natural world and the things that are bigger than we are,” Molly explains.


Molly and her husband feel truly blessed to be part of the quiet moments of “inspiration, courage, and progress” that they are able to observe during the interacations between the horses and the riders.

“Sometimes a smile, a touch, a moment of stillness takes our breath away. Tiny steps forward are made every day by both those walking on two legs and those walking on four.”


The couple is passionate about the choice to be nice, and “allowing that kindness to radiate.”  She believes Choose To Be Nice as a message and social movement can inspire people to do great things and to “change the heart of the world.”

Thank you, Molly, for helping to make the world a better place!

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