Tobin School’s Choose To Be Nice Program

The Tobin School in Natick, MA, is currently in the throes of a two-week Choose To Be Nice Program. The kids from the school all signed the Choose To Be Nice Promise Banner and received Choose To Be Nice “I made the promise” wristbands.


Lori Davis, the Head of School, gave us some updates and said the program is getting off to a great start. On Monday, she visited every classroom and did a short presentation. This included a video which showed the kids many different ways they can incorporate “niceness” into their everyday life at school.


Davis talked to each class and broke down the promise, in order for the younger children to understand. Each child and teacher then signed their name on the large banner and got a wristband to remind them of their promise.


Davis also introduced a tree display in the hallway of Tobin School. The display involved everyone writing down nice choices and kind acts on leaves along with their names and posting the leaves to the trees for everyone to see.


At the end of the two weeks, which will be the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, the school will pick a few lucky leaves and their owners will receive a Choose To Be Nice t-shirt or hoody sweatshirt of their choice.

Davis is encouraging her students to share all of these activities with their families and friends.



And, she’ll be encouraging parents to join the movement as well at Tobin’s annual Special Friend’s Day event on Wednesday, November 26. All information about what the students and teachers are doing with Choose To Be Nice will be sent home to parents.


We want to thank the Tobin School and Lori Davis for spreading the Choose To Be Nice message!


If you are interested in hosting a Choose To Be Nice Program at your school, you can get more information here.

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