Welcome to the Summer of Samaritans

The temperatures are rising, ice cream truck jingles are filling the air, and school is out for the summer. All these signs point to one conclusion: it’s officially summertime!

With the beginning of the new season, we’re happy to announce a new campaign: Summer Samaritans.

With this campaign, we are urging you to actively incorporate being nice into your daily routine. This can look like different things for different people.  Perhaps this takes the form of smiling at one stranger every day. Maybe you will try to complete The Daily Nice every day. You could even encourage your children to be a little more aware and a bit nicer. The ways to participate in Summer Samaritans are limitless. More ideas here and here.

Whenever you do one of these acts, take it to social!

Tweet, Instagram, or post to our Facebook using #SummerSamaritans. Our goal is to compile as many of these acts as we can by Labor day weekend.

Every Sunday, we will give you a theme to help with the week. For example, this week our theme will be ANIMALS. (Hint, hint: we have a new partnership coming up that fits with this theme!)

Need some ideas for the first week? Try taking your dog on an extra long walk or bringing stale bread to the birds in a local park!

Whatever you end up doing, don’t forget to post using #SummerSamaritans! Each Saturday, we will pick our favorite act from the week and feature them on our Facebook. Plus, we will send them a free Choose To Be Nice tank!

How many #SummerSamaritans can we accumulate by Labor Day?

50? 100? 500? It’s up to you! We will start today, Monday, July 13 so spread the word!

We will keep an updated schedule of themes and winners here. We have 8 weeks to spread the love of #SummerSamaritans. Let’s do this!

July 13-17
Winner: Molly Novicki

July 20-24

July 27-31
Theme: KIDS

Aug 3-7

Aug 10-14

Aug 17-21

Aug 24-28

Aug 31- Sept 4
Theme: TBA Aug 30

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