About Us

Choose To Be Nice is a social enterprise dedicated to encouraging and inspiring kindness. We’re improving the way people interact with each other by reminding them that they have a choice about how to “be” in the world. And it all starts with a simple promise:

I promise to help spread kindness wherever and whenever possible. And to the very best of my ability I’ll be nice to those with whom I come into contact on a daily basis.

Go ahead! Make the PROMISE today!

We implement comprehensive kindness programs at schools that include everything from engaging, turn-key curriculum to colorful displays, adorable characters and fun activities for the whole school. You can download a school information kit HERE for all the exciting details.

And, head on over to our shop and get yourself an awesome Choose To Be Nice tee, hoodie or hat! They’re fun to wear, come in lots of great colors and project a great message. AND, most importantly, every purchase helps support Choose To Be Nice programming at schools.