About Us

Choose To Be Nice (CTBN) is a social enterprise dedicated to building communities where kindness, compassion, empathy, inclusion, connection, and appreciation for others prevail. We envision a world where kindness is the expected norm; where people lead with compassion and empathy and thrive through meaningful connections with others.

Our goal is to equip children and adults with the social and emotional skills, experiences, awareness and intelligence to choose kindness and caring for one another as a way of being in the world. And it all starts with a simple promise:

I promise to Choose To Be Nice and help spread kindness wherever and whenever possible.”

The Choose To Be Nice promise is about committing to a way of “being” in the world on a daily basis.

“We can improve the lives of others simply by choosing how we communicate with, respond to and relate to one another. Imagine a world where we all slow down, pay more attention to our daily interactions with others and work to improve those interactions. This is what Choose To Be Nice is all about.”
-Dina Creiger, Founder Choose To Be Nice