Choose To Be Nice Club

by Lori Pacheco In the spring of 2015 I had the honor of meeting Dina Creiger at the MESPA conference on Cape Cod.  I loved the sweatshirts she was selling and just had to have one.  Thus, my addiction to Choose To Be Nice had begun.  I came back and bought a Choose To Be […]

Learning to work together on Teamwork Tuesday at the Clara Barton Elementary School.

Choose To Be Nice Week Brings out the Best Ideas

We had so much fun watching all the wonderful ways people celebrated the first Annual Choose To Be Nice Week. It was an action-packed week of rallies, special events and messages of motivation and inspiration. What a great way to honor and highlight all the great things students have been doing in the Choose To […]

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Choosing to be Nice: 5 Ways Books Build Empathy in Children

What’s your perspective on nice? We want to share. This is your column to offer your views. We welcome contributions. Our guest post this week is from Stefanie Paige Wieder, M.S.Ed, Senior Director of Product at Barefoot Books and a child development expert with over 20 years of experience working with children and families and developing […]

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Finding Ways to Celebrate Choose To Be Nice Week

We are so excited to be working on plans for the first annual Choose To Be Nice Week taking place June 5-9. Our Choose To Be Nice schools will celebrate with a fun-filled week of special activities as they honor what they’ve been doing all year to build a lasting culture of kindness. Through our comprehensive […]

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How to Make Friends out of Strangers

I was just looking for a quick caffeine fix when I went into the Wellesley Starbucks the other day. Luckily, the unexpected happened. I stumbled into a conversation with strangers. That just doesn’t occur very often around here in Greater Boston. People pretty much avoid eye contact and saying much of anything to an unknown […]

Children learn about helping people with service dogs at a Choose To Be Nice Club.

Perspectives on Nice: Choose To Be Nice for Your Health

There are many great perspectives on being nice and we want the world to hear them. That’s why we’re launching a special feature on the blog called “Perspectives on Nice,” which is a space for you to share yours. You can write about a special experience you’ve had, an opinion about kindness, the latest research […]

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Choose To Be Nice with a Fundraiser

We always ask students who make the Choose To Be Nice Promise how they are going to put it into action. They have great ideas. Like not fighting with siblings or inviting a classmate to sit with them at lunch. But they also want to do more. They want to have a big impact in […]