Featured Camp :: Camp Clearbrook, Metrowest YMCA

When Jennifer Hyman wears her Choose To Be Nice gear out in public, she knows that she is going to get some attention. “People always see my shirts and ask what Choose To Be Nice is!” explains Hyman, the Director of Family Engagement and Camp Director at the Metrowest YMCA in Framingham, MA. She is […]

Featured School :: Du Quoin Elementary School

Diana Rea, the Principal of DuQuoin Elementary School in DuQuoin Illinois, wasn’t expecting to walk out of her Saturday morning hair appointment with a new vision for the culture of her school. A chance sighting of an advertisement for Choose To Be Nice while flipping through Principal Magazine changed that! Now, two years later, the […]

Featured School :: Okaw Valley Elementary School

Okaw Valley Elementary School Principal Heidi Vander Burgh is a firm believer in the power of connection. During her twelve years as a Kindergarten teacher, Vander Burgh found that her students learned best when they held a strong relationship with their teacher. Mutual trust and respect between pupil and educator built an environment where the […]

Featured Camp :: Camp Wiggi

Covid-19 has had a profound effect on our kids. Months of social isolation, frightening words and images constantly flashing across the television screen, and a complete change in the way we lead our lives has caused an upheaval in the way that children interact with each other. Noone knows this better than Alex Dorson, director […]


Featured School :: Hopkins Elementary School

Each year at the end of 4th grade, dozens of students fill out their very first job applications. Pouring their thoughts into heartfelt essays, they detail some of the amazing qualities they possess. Hopeful hands submit their documents, and then they wait. A committee of teachers compares applications and essays, interviews previous years educators, and […]


Featured School :: Indian Trails Elementary School

If you were to walk into the Indian Trails Elementary School on any given morning, you would be enveloped into a community of kindness. The Daily Nice shines on smartboards in every classroom throughout the Kindergarten through 4th grade school as teachers hold their morning meetings. A staff created mural adorns the hallway, encouraging all […]


Featured School :: Heritage School

The dawn of social media has created a unique challenge with our youth. The anonymity of online interactions has made it far easier for kids to be cruel to each other without seeing the effects first hand. Seeing the developing issues stemming from cyber bullying amongst her fourth graders, Heritage School Principal Kathleen Pastore began […]

Featured School :: Orchard Elementary School

When Orchard Elementary School parent Melissa noticed adults in her Ridgewood, New Jersey community acting in unkind ways towards each other, she knew that something had to be done. She had spoken with her own three children about the need for kindness in our society, but dreamed of bringing the message to her community on […]

In Pursuit of Justice

Our country is in pain. I wonder how deep our national sadness will go and how long it will last. We were already struggling greatly as a nation with a worldwide pandemic, a bleak economic outlook, an unprecedented number of folks out of work and unable to put food on their table, and division and […]