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Schools Launch Choose To Be Nice SEL Programs

It’s so exciting when students return to school after the summer break and catch up with friends, meet new teachers and settle into the classroom. There is an energy of renewed enthusiasm as students and teachers adjust to the schedule and get set for the coming year. For students across the country, those first days […]

Deanna Greenstein

Welcome to New Choose To Be Nice School Liaison!

Deanna Greenstein wasn’t surprised when students treated each other better after her children’s school brought in the Choose To Be Nice program, but she didn’t expect the impact that it would have outside of the school walls. The Brookfield Elementary School in Brockton, MA started with a rally to talk about how students have a choice […]

The Charlton CTBN Club In Action

Charlton Elementary is well on its way to Choose To Be Nice on a daily basis.  The newly formed Choose To Be Nice Club with its 14 first grade members recently visited a local senior community home to play games with the residents. “Both the adults and children had a blast,” said Principal Lori Pacheco.  “They […]

Introducing Nine Nice Mice

The new school year is underway! As we continue to grow and expand our network of official Choose To Be Nice schools, we’re always thinking about the many ways we’re striving to create and sustain cultures of kindness within these schools. Forming Choose To Be Nice Clubs, making the Choose To Be Nice promise by […]

Niceness in Full Bloom

Remember our friends at Brookfield Elementary School? If not, this post will remind you how wonderful they are! At the end of March, they launched a Choose To Be Nice program at their school. Principal Valerie Brower explained the many pieces of this program, which included a school song and a fundraiser, as well as family and […]

Choose To Be Nice at Brookfield Elementary!

Choose To Be Nice’s presence in elementary schools is growing! We are happy to welcome Brookfield Elementary School in Brockton, MA, to the Choose To Be Nice family. Principal Valerie A. Brower is a HUGE supporter and has along with her staff fully embraced the Choose To Be Nice message Choose To Be Nice was […]