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The Charlton CTBN Club In Action

Charlton Elementary is well on its way to Choose To Be Nice on a daily basis.  The newly formed Choose To Be Nice Club with its 14 first grade members recently visited a local senior community home to play games with the residents. “Both the adults and children had a blast,” said Principal Lori Pacheco.  “They […]

Welcome Charlton Elementary School

I am thrilled to welcome the students, faculty and staff of Charlton Elementary School in Charlton, MA to the Choose To Be Nice family. I recently had the pleasure of attending their Choose To Be Nice kick-off assembly and was so excited to see so many smiles and happy faces. The students even sang a […]

Introducing Nine Nice Mice

The new school year is underway! As we continue to grow and expand our network of official Choose To Be Nice schools, we’re always thinking about the many ways we’re striving to create and sustain cultures of kindness within these schools. Forming Choose To Be Nice Clubs, making the Choose To Be Nice promise by […]

Guest Blog: Principal Valerie Brower

Do you remember our friends from Brookfield Elementary School? We first introduced them in April to talk about their Choose To Be Nice program. In May, we learned of their continued dedication to spreading the Choose To Be Nice message in their community. Now, we would like to welcome our guest blogger for this week, Principal of Brookfield […]

Niceness in Full Bloom

Remember our friends at Brookfield Elementary School? If not, this post will remind you how wonderful they are! At the end of March, they launched a Choose To Be Nice program at their school. Principal Valerie Brower explained the many pieces of this program, which included a school song and a fundraiser, as well as family and […]

Amazing Students for an Amazing Cause

Depending on when you went to middle school, your extracurriculars may have varied.  Me? Cheerleading and math team. (Probably one of the weirdest combos EVER…) Others probably did soccer… yearbook… book club. Our friends over at Wilson Middle School in Natick, MA, have an extra curricular that we love: Peer Trainers. They are doing amazing […]

Choose To Be Nice at Brookfield Elementary!

Choose To Be Nice’s presence in elementary schools is growing! We are happy to welcome Brookfield Elementary School in Brockton, MA, to the Choose To Be Nice family. Principal Valerie A. Brower is a HUGE supporter and has along with her staff fully embraced the Choose To Be Nice message Choose To Be Nice was […]

Welcome Eddy Elementary School!

Throughout the past year, we have been working with schools to spread the Choose To Be Nice message and to remind our children that they have a choice about how to “be” in the world! This month, Eddy Elementary of Brewster, MA, became an official Choose To Be Nice school. We welcome them with open […]