Learning to work together on Teamwork Tuesday at the Clara Barton Elementary School.

Choose To Be Nice Week Brings out the Best Ideas

We had so much fun watching all the wonderful ways people celebrated the first Annual Choose To Be Nice Week. It was an action-packed week of rallies, special events and messages of motivation and inspiration.

What a great way to honor and highlight all the great things students have been doing in the Choose To Be Nice program all year and to build enthusiasm for kindness that will carry over to the rest of the year. The week even made the headlines with an article in the Boston Globe!

One boy chose to do 12 acts of kindness for his 12th birthday including delivering flowers to his buddy’s mom who is a cancer survivor and donating to a food pantry. Students at the Windham Center School in New Hampshire made posters with friendship recipes for Friendship Friday. Students at the Clara Barton School in Oxford, MA, learned to work together to pass a hula hoop from one to another without hands for Teamwork Tuesday. Those are just a few of the many awesome activities. The lessons learned will last long after the week is over.

Of course, kindness shouldn’t be confined to just one week. It’s something that should be practiced every day. As we tell the students: When you are kind to someone then they’ll be kind to someone else and it spreads making the world a better place for all. Let us know how you are keeping your promise. We love to share stories.

Make it Matter Monday

The welcome message at Charlton Elementary School in Charlton, MA, for Make it Matter Monday.

Students take on the hula hoop challenge for Teamwork Tuesday at Clara Barton Elementary School in Oxford, MA. The goal is to pass it down the line with no hands.

Students at the Windham Center School in Windham, NH, decorated the desk of a student who was out sick and moving soon for Teamwork Tuesday

For Welcoming Wednesday, students at the Clara Barton Elementary School created a quilt with good thoughts.


Students at Clara Barton Elementary Set up a “Thankful Tree” for Thankful Thursday and then held a rally.

For Friendship Friday, students from the Windham Center School created friendship recipes.


Some Choose To Be Nice suggestions from the Reingold Elementary School in Fitchburg:

  • Always help someone when they need it.
  • You can make people happy by playing fair and being friends with everyone.
  • Always hold the door for kindergartners and other kids.
  • If someone has no one to play with at recess, play with them.
  • When someone is bullying, stick up for them. Do not stand there.
  • Help a friend when they are hurt.
  • Make someone happy when they are sad or angry about something that might have happened.
  • Pick up something that fell down even if you did not do it.
  • Play with kids or help out.
  • If someone is struggling, help them.
  • Try to make it a great day every day.
  • When someone is stuck on math, help them so they can understand.
  • Help people if something falls on the ground like paper books.
  • Compliment a person to make their day.
  • Or tell people to have a great day in the hallway.


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