A Choose To Be Nice Treasure Hunt

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The Charlton Elementary School Choose To Be Nice Club has many creative events that show students how to be kind. The goal is to have fun while learning about kindness and putting those lessons into action. 

One of those special activites was a  treasure hunt with stations where students had various activities related to choosing to be nice.  The “escape room” game was called “Unlock the Kindness.” Students earned keys at different stations that openescape roomed up a treasure chest at the end.



treasure hunt 1

The First Statitreasure hunt 2on

At the first station, students were read to from the a book about what it means to be kind.

Students asked excellent questions during this time.  At the end of the story, they received their first key.

That key told them where task 2 was located.  (At their snack tables.)

Task 2 was completed while students ate snack.

Students had to readsnack table 1 12 cards and put them into two  piles.  One pile listed ways to be kind and one pile listed ways that were NOT kind.  Once they found the six ways to be kind, they turned their cards over and unscrambled the words that were written there.  Those words spelled the sentence:

 “Your key is under the table.”

Each of the keys found under the table sent groups to different places.  Each group would visit each place for 15 minutes in the rotation.  They had to complete their task in that amount of time.

Computer Lab Task

The nine traits that are taught to our students in the Choose to Be Nice curriculum were placed in a word search.  There were four places where those words overlapped giving them four letters.  Students had to take those four letters and spell a word.  Once completed, they received their next key.  The word search was placed on the Smart Board.

computer room task 1

The secret word was CARE.

computer room task 2







Art Room Task

For the Art Room Task, the students made a special surprise for their families.  Once their project was finished, they earned another key.

art room task 1

 Library Task

In the library, there was a pile of letters on the floor.  Students had to create words that mean the same as KIND.  Once the five words were discovered, they had to find their key under a certain pile of books.

The five words were: loving, friendly, kind, nice, and good.  Students did an excellent job using team work to find and spell the words and quickly earned the clue to find their key.

Library task

IMG_9092After students finished all of the stations, they ventured back to the cafeteria to open the treasure chest.  They successfully “unlocked the kindness”  and  earned a Choose to Be Nice pencil and a sticker.

Treasure hunt finish

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