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Making friends

How to Make Friends out of Strangers

I was just looking for a quick caffeine fix when I went into the Wellesley Starbucks the other day. Luckily, the unexpected happened. I stumbled into a conversation with strangers. That just doesn’t occur very often around here in Greater Boston. People pretty much avoid eye contact and saying much of anything to an unknown […]

Raising Awareness to Reduce Bullying

I’ve been told that words shouldn’t matter, but they do. A simple complement can turn a bad day around. An expression of concern can penetrate a bad mood. A few words of praise and encouragement can inspire someone to set lofty goals. Unfortunately, negative words are just as powerful and sometimes more so. Insults can […]

Guest Blog: Principal Valerie Brower

Do you remember our friends from Brookfield Elementary School? We first introduced them in April to talk about their Choose To Be Nice program. In May, we learned of their continued dedication to spreading the Choose To Be Nice message in their community. Now, we would like to welcome our guest blogger for this week, Principal of Brookfield […]