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The Habit of Being Nice By Melissa Viera

The following is a guest post by Melissa Viera. Viera is a dog trainer/groomer, writer, and business owner in Massachusetts. When she is not busy running her business she can usually be found playing with her dogs, writing, or going on adventures.  If you open your ears to the conversations in any public place you […]

5 Ways to Help Your Child Embrace CTBN This School Year

Yellow buses dot the streets every morning and backpack clad children are a frequent sighting Monday to Friday. That’s right—it’s back to school season. This year, in addition to planning a morning routine and contemplating how best to encourage your son/daughter to do their homework every night, we hope you’ll also consider how you can […]

5 Ways to Choose To Be Nice to Dad

How do you show Dad that you care? In honor of Father’s Day tomorrow, here are 5 easy ways to Choose To Be Nice to Dad! 1. Make Dad a homemade card. Hallmark is great, but nothing can confer how much Dad means to you like words straight from your heart! Pass on buying a […]

Preparing Yourself to Adopt a Cat

  June is National Adopt a Cat Month! This is quite fitting since spring is known as “kitten season.” This means there is an abundance of kittens in many of the shelters. When we Choose To Be Nice, we likely think about doing so person to person. But we can try to Choose To Be Nice in […]

COMING SOON: The Daily Nice

Looking for tips on ways to be nice every day? Do you want to inspire your kids? Look no further! We’ve created The Daily Nice to provide you with simple ways to Choose To Be Nice every day. What is The Daily Nice? It is a daily dose of nice with simple ideas to inspire […]

Choosing To Be Nice to the Earth

Every year on April 22, we celebrate one of the most important things. It is something we need and rely on. Something we could not live without. Yet, it is something we forget to celebrate on a day-to-day basis. Perhaps, one of the most underrated things in this world. In fact, it is the world I am […]

5 Ways to Choose To Be Nice This Spring

More daylight and flowers blooming. Allergies and rain clouds. Baseball games and Girl Scout cookies. These are all telltale signs that spring has finally arrived! This year, let’s make choosing to be nice a staple of the spring season to join these others. Need some suggestions? Here are 5 easy ways to Choose To Be […]