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Nice Notes from the Nice Nook

There are so many great things happening with Choose To Be Nice that I can hardly contain myself. I get so excited when I see what our schools are doing, hear from someone about how a Daily Nice changed their day, or get photos of people in their CTBN gear from all over the world, and I just want to share with everyone! It’s a way to make sure that all of these things are having the biggest impact possible. When you hear about someone choosing to be nice, it’s motivating and inspiring, and the intention spreads.

I’m here to help make that happen. I will be writing about the great things that are happening and the people who are behind them. We’re calling it “Nice Notes from the Nice Nook.”

Which brings to me what I really want to talk about today. What exactly is a “Nice Nook”? It’s a special, dedicated place that reflects the true meaning of Choose To Be Nice. For the first time, this year we’re urging all of our schools to set up a Nice Nook in every classroom and/or in a common area. This concept is included in the Welcome Kits sent to all enrolled Choose To Be Nice schools. The Nice Nook doesn’t have to be very big. In fact, it should be a cozy spot where a student can feel comfortable and safe.

It can be a place for students to get away if they need a break or go to when they want a little encouragement. There aren’t strict guidelines; we encourage schools to get creative. This would be a great project to have the students help with. They could decorate it and plan what should be included.

Setting up a Nice Nook

To get things started, we’ve come up with some ideas which are easy to implement and can go a long way to setting a great tone:

  • Decorate the area with attractive colors to make it stand out and feel inviting.
  • Add a small table and comfy chairs.
  • Put up nice notes that students can take with them.
  • Set up a bulletin board with nice messages.
  • Put in a whiteboard that students can draw on.
  • Stock the space with fun and meaningful books.
  • Add some art supplies and paper for drawing.
  • Put up a welcome banner.
  • Post messages about how awesome and special the students are.
  • Put up sweet reminders about who we are and what we can do to be nicer to each other.

A personal Nice Nook

But why stop at schools? Why not set one up at home? How about creating a special place where you can be nice to yourself. Maybe it’s a designated chair or a corner of the bedroom where you rest and recharge, or it could be a place where you can focus on all of the positive things in this world and what we can do to make it better for everyone.

I’m eager to hear your ideas. Please send photos of your Nice Nooks to and please share about the nice things going on in your school, at home and in your community using #choosetobenice, #CTBNNiceNook

Wishing you all the best in October,


Founder, Choose To Be Nice

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