CTBN Fundraiser Helps “A Bed for Every Child Initiative”

You can Choose To Be Nice in all sorts of ways. People Choose To Be Nice in many different languages, using different actions, exploring different feelings and emotions. Choosing To Be Nice can even come in different shapes and sizes, too. Last week, one of those many shapes and sizes came in the form of a bed.

A Bed for Every Child Initiative through the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless works toward exactly what their name implies–giving every child a place to dream. A bed may be something that most people take for granted, but for many children in our state, this is not the case.

As part of their Choose To Be Nice program, the students of North Shore Christian School sold Choose To Be Nice merchandise as a fundraiser in order to raise money for the initiative.


When the children presented Sister Linda Bessom of the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless with a $500 check, enough for two beds for children, she couldn’t express her gratitude enough.

“I want to say a big thank you for choosing to be nice,” said Bessom. “By choosing to be nice you are going to help kids your own age get something they need to be healthy, to be alert — a bed.” (originally appeared on itemlive.com)

Our Founder Dina Creiger was at the school for the presentation of the check. She is always amazed and proud to see how wonderful and caring children can be and what a difference in others’ lives they can make.

“I really wanted to just come see you guys and tell you how proud I am,” Creiger told the students. “It’s a big thing to do something for others. “

In addition to hosting a fundraiser, the students of North Shore Christian School created a blanket to donate to the cause, participated in Choose To Be Nice days on Fridays, and even paid $1 to wear their CTBN shirts in place of their uniforms on special days.

“We have a chance to be nice to other people,” Creiger reminds us. “I want to thank you all for helping these kids get a bed. I want you to remember how it feels to help somebody out.”


If you are interested in bringing Choose To Be Nice to your school, you can find more information here.

For more information on A Bed for Every Child Initiative and to donate to the cause, click here.

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