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Choose To Be Nice is about the choices we have every single day when interacting with others. We can improve the lives of others simply by choosing how we communicate with, respond to and relate to one another. Our program is built around the nine values of kindness, respect, responsibility, patience, courage, acceptance, honesty, teamwork and friendship, all of which provide a foundation for positive behaviors.

We hope the resources and activities below bring you and your family joy, connection and fun!

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Choose To Be Nice Summer Reading Challenge: a fun summer challenge for kids in grades K-8!

Keep your kids and grandkids reading all summer! Check out our Summer Reading Challenge for all the details on how kids grades K-8 can join in on the fun and win prizes. Our book lists are divided into grade level books, so pick the level that works best. Feel free to share this with friends and family!
Challenge runs July 1st – August 13th. Happy Reading!

Choose To Be Nice Postcard Campaign: a great activity for your family to do any time of year!

Our CTBN schools recently participated in our new Postcard Campaign. Students and staff wrote words and/or drew pictures of kindness, hope and love on the backside of our Sunflower Postcards. We then distributed them to senior centers, local shelters, and other groups to let recipients know that they are not alone and they are remembered and loved.

You can participate too! Simply email to request 10 free postcards. Drop a few off to friends, family and co-workers and ask them to participate, too. When all cards are finished you can collect them and send to any individual or group you feel could use some holiday cheer! Don’t forget to include a note about where the postcards came from.

Activities for Grades K-5: Fun activities based on each of the nine Choose To Be Nice Values.

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Resources for the whole family: Fun activities and resources for everyone to enjoy.

New! TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF POSTER – a colorful way to remember to take care of ourselves too!

SUMMER RESOURCES – Keep CTBN going all summer long with these fun 10 activities for all ages.

COURAGE POSTER – Print and hang this Courage Poster to help remind everyone in the family to find their courage each and every day.

PATIENCE CARDS – A colorful handout with six Patience Cards. These are great for the whole family!

CTBN JOURNAL COVER (K-5) – Have fun coloring and decorating these Journal Covers.

CTBN JOURNAL PAGES (K-2); CTBN JOURNAL PAGES (3-5) – Use these journal pages to write stories, poems, or keep track of what you are grateful for each day.

BOOKMARKS (K-2); BOOKMARKS (3-5); BOOKMARKS (6-8) – Have fun coloring in these bookmarks. For all ages!

FRIENDSHIP NOTES – 6 colorful, small notes to enclose in a card to a friend.

COMFORT READS – A list of our favorite books from our curriculum from grades Kindergarten to Grade 8.

RESPONSIBILITY POSTER – a fun colorful reminder about what it means to be Responsible.

DO YOUR BIT OF GOOD POSTER – Print and hang at home.

PROMISE BANNER FOR FAMILIES – A small version of the Choose To Be Nice Banner with the Choose To Be Nice Promise. Have everyone in the home sign it and then hang up as a handy reminder.

KINDNESS INTENTIONS – a colorful handout to keep track of your intentions throughout the year.

HONESTY Q & A – a list of questions to prompt a discussion with your children about Honesty.

HONESTY COLORING PAGE – a fun coloring page for younger children to color when learning about Honesty.

ACCEPTANCE POSTER – A colorful poster to remind us all what it means to be accepting. Print and hang at home.

ACCEPTANCE AGREEMENT – a handy sheet to list the variety of ways children can practice acceptance.

KINDNESS POSTER – A colorful poster with a quote about kindness to hang at home.

TEAMWORK ACROSTIC POEM – use this sheet to ask your children to come up with as many words as they can. Have a fun contest with the family to see who can come up with the most!

TEAMWORK COLORING PAGE – for younger children, this coloring page is a great addition to your conversations about teamwork.

DAILY NICE PLANNER – a colorful way each week to make a list of all the ways you and your family can spread kindness.

FAMILY BINGO – Share this Choose To Be Nice Bingo board with your family and challenge them to complete as many tasks as possible!

BOREDOM BUSTERS (All Grades) – a great list of activities and ideas to do as a family.

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS (Grades K-2) – Discussion questions centered around the CTBN Nine Nice Values. Great prompts for the dinner table.

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS (Grades 3-5) – Discussion questions centered around the CTBN Nine Nice Values. Great prompts for the dinner table.

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS (Grades 6-8) – Discussion questions centered around the CTBN Nine Nice Values. Great prompts for the dinner table.

GRADES 6-8 CHALLENGES/PROJECTS (Grades 6-8) – a list of activities for older children. Can also do as a family!